KC2026 World Cup bid secures endorsements from surrounding states

As part of the on-going efforts to bring the 2026 FIFA World Cup to Kansas City, the KC2026 bid team has received endorsements from youth soccer associations located throughout the Midwest region.

In addition to the Kansas State Youth Soccer Association and Missouri Youth Soccer Association, the Arkansas Soccer Association, Illinois Youth Soccer Association, Iowa Soccer, Minnesota Youth Soccer Association and South Dakota Youth Soccer Association have pledged their support the event.

These associations represent over 310,000 youth soccer players, coaches and referees from across the Midwest.

“The South Dakota Youth soccer association is proud to support the efforts of the KC2026 bid team,” says Executive Director, Dale Weiler. “We are committed to promoting the game of soccer, and all the benefits derived from participating in the sport. There is no bigger opportunity to do that than through the FIFA World Cup.”

“Bringing the FIFA World Cup to our region would have a monumental impact on youth soccer participation,” says Mary Jane Bender, Executive Director for Illinois Youth Soccer. “We are excited to support the KC2026 bid and can’t wait to welcome people from across the world to the Midwest.”

“The positive support we have received from the youth soccer community has been phenomenal and will further fuel our efforts in the months to come as we prepare for the final phase of the bid process with FIFA,” says Jake Reid, President & CEO of Sporting Kansas City.

FIFA currently plans to visit each viable host city beginning in Q3 2021 with the goal of appointing host cities and venues in Q4 2021.

“We are working closely with FIFA and US Soccer and continue to provide updated materials and information to promote our bid,” says Kathy Nelson, President & CEO of the Kansas City Sports Commission. “The engagement from these organizations definitely strengthens our proposal that hosting matches in Kansas City would draw supporters and attendees from across an entire region of the United States.”

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