Fans pack KC’s Power & Light District for Women’s World Cup

A large number of soccer enthusiasts held a watch party in Kansas City’s Power and Light District for the U.S. Women’s National Team against Thailand.

Kansas City’s tradition of enthusiastically supporting major soccer matches could be one factor that shows FIFA, the international governing body, that the city would be a good host for the men’s World Cup in 2026.

“If there’s ever a skepticism if Kansas City is a big enough city or Kansas City’s gonna support, we’ve got a photo of a lot of people out here on a Tuesday afternoon, or a Sunday, or a Thursday, showing their love for soccer in Kansas City,” said Blake McFarland. “It can’t hurt, it can only help, and the bigger the crowd, the better for us.”

Click here to read the full story from KMBZ 98.1 FM and check out this video from the Kansas City Star.

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